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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

There are times in life, one can’t anticipate. Times one doesn’t even dare to dream of, nor fully understand. The last 21 days and its experience with Deepak Chopra and the “21 day of Abundance Meditation” is such a time event. A continuous true moment of revelations. Thank you for bringing this to me, and to us!

For some time now, I have stopped using valuable energy on to try to understand and find reasons for the things that are brought to me. Signs, epiphanies and pure understanding comes to one when we are ready to receive it and just in the divine time. It’s simply an exercise in temperance!

One of the things I benefited most of these last 21 days, is the clarification on that we all deserve the abundance, without lesser conscience. This is in regards of the daily tasks and the goal-oriented meditations. In my opinion, this is one of the mayor obstacles we humans struggle with, in general. opinion. We are influenced by the global conscience to be reserved and modest; often leading to the misguided feeling that we are smaller and less earned the fullest of what life have to offer!

As an indirect result of this deep journey into the self-awareness, I found a more direct way to communicate my work, than in a book form. A new Facebook page is seeing the light, also leading to a new YouTube channel I hope to follow up with all my time and energy. An extended version of this answer for the mission from day 21, will be published there. I encourage you to check out the elongated version. You will find the links to these sites below; please feel free to follow the red thread.

It feels like I have grown, expanded and matured a quantum leap in just 21 days, with all the bless and workload that includes. I embrace it and nourish of it, for all its worth! I fully recommend all to try this out for your own benefit and possible reset to a life with the abundance you fully deserve.

So Hum. Namaste.

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