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The One!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I made this on my own, just for you

in compassion and understanding,

in order to get your valuable opinion,

and merely because love is of the divine!

And something told me you may need to see it?

You tell me, my acquaintance!

Me, I’m not longer so clear and so certain

that suffering and patience is supposed to be

part of so profound and unconditional love, so…

Is there a line to be drawn in the sand, or

will I see the new sunrise in the distance?

You tell me, my reader

You will sympathize if your endless love is not reflected,

and understand, if your love isn’t of sense and reason!

You’ve felt the waves of years that surely went by

and that investment in sensations, intuitively,

barely for the feeling of just knowing; although,

was that instant love or did they grew on you?

You tell me, my friend

So, this is to you, my ally in distress and recreation!

I wish for you the love and all the best, after decades

wandering in the shadows, among the pillars

of that vastly and empty hall of waiting;

I’ll pray for this to be your healing magic, for perhaps

you're close off to the gentle feeling of a friend?

You tell me, my dear

May the Sun heat up your feelings, yet again,

for I hope you’ll find that brilliant diamond

within the scarred dungeons of your heart,

and just enjoy the treat of rediscovering

that you too, deserves all the love divine.

You have the strength to manifest it for yourself,

The One!

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