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The Message of Truth

The challenge humanity faces right now, is more of a divine matter rather than a physical one. The attempts to save the planet is a great misunderstanding and an entangled deception.

The planet does not need to be saved!

Its existence has always been, and still is, a sustainable planet, naturally balanced and perfect in any aspect. From its inner core, through the delicate surface and to the position in the solar system and beyond. You know this!

The humanly body is, regardless of doctrines and beliefs, designed and evolved to coexist on Earth. The elemental conditions here is as perfect for us, as the distance of the planet to the star in this solar system. The truth is rather that the humanity is going towards the verge of extinction, due to our variations applied to the fragile balance of the existential basis, for humans and other species.

This is not the first-time organic life on this planet has been wiped out; there are overwhelming evidence of that. And yet, the balance between the elements and their habitat have always been restored or adaptable life recreated over time. You know this too!

However, it will be the first time in the human and planetary history, that the ending of the supreme humanoid society, face an annihilation that is self-inflicted. What you need to add to these facts, is that the pact of the human free will is the real reason for these events. As in everything else, there is a higher meaning for the balance between the spiritual realms and of this physical one.

The Cause

Many people have during an elongated period tried to save the planet, by wanting to change the way humans are living in and with nature. Other groups of people have worked to maintain their exploitation of natural resources, including human lives. Therefore, no sides fully can claim victory nor progress other than further imbalance and distance between humans.

In the meantime, the majority of people, outside these groups, chooses to dedicate their life’s to cycles of reproduction and labor, of various sorts and with different conditions.

There is a difference between treating the symptoms and solving the problems. For the overall, refugees, orphans and victims of poverty is being treated as a problem and a threat to established societies; not for their misery being a symptom and result of the conduct of developing countries.

The main and overall cause for the situation among humans today, is the lack of focus on the unification of the conditions for humanity as one. The Earth is one small planet, serving as a friendly host to among others, the human species. And we, the humans, on the other hand, have not yet manage to identify us selves as one global residential unit. We maintain a relatively small nationalization’s identities in a diminished communicative and globalized source for ours lives.

Furthermore, the tradition and greed for possessions, power and hording of mediums increases the fear for poverty, betrayal and impotence promotional. Also being a factor of fear-based jalousies of others who have less.

Workers earn different amounts of salary based of geographical workplace, many misused as modern minions for the benefit of the few. The lack of sustainability for most workers regardless, increases the need to reproduce even more, with the likely outcome of escalating poverty.

An eligible future

To progress as true human beings, and all that it includes, humans should take a closer look to the possibilities and solutions of the future from another point of view. What does not work for all must change to align with the spiritual level we are in now.

Born into this world, a child should have the same opportunities to live and thrive, regardless of geographical or political environment. Drinking water, earth, forested areas and other delicate habitats should not be even considered as human property nor source of empowerment for the few.

For a global operative trademarked, a change for a global intersessional currency is as inevitable as fundamental. It has existed before, in the valuable element of gold.

Minimum salaries should hold a global standard and in connection to the product for the international market.

What is considered maximum work effort in hours should also apply on a global scale; the foundation of living standard is the same for all people, regardless.

The increased focus and necessity for personal growth around the world, the individual’s skills and experience will be regarded as secondary issues for employers.

The fundamental unit will be the time, hours of your day and life spent for labor that will be in primary regard. To even further equalize and in order to achieve a global unification of one people, as one functional species.

The planet does not need to be saved! Humanity does...

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