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The Magic of Surrendering [PART 2]

“Why does this always happen to me?” is not the question, I painfully realized, its rather a “when”. Obviously, pointing fingers and blaming others or the surroundings with that is a spinning sickle! In worst case scenario; to blame the universe, the destiny or Spirit is not only an immature act, but also a waist of energy. Capitulating to the source or the higher self, brings along some surprising effects. For one, it’s like a mirror, disturbed like the ones in the old fair but nevertheless, effective and hurtful. Your pointing finger coming back at you like a spear of truth, penetrating your soul, until you fully understand that the source of the scenario is you and the learning you must go through!

That morning of my first breakthrough, I lay down all my usual work and grabbed my cup of coffee to spend some time outside. The voices I always had rejected as my own imagination, was unusual quiet this morning, absent in a way of speaking. Peaceful and with no particular reason I strolled to a part of my property I usually use to chill out. A simple plastic chair, a small rusted table with the glass tabletop intact and surrounded of trees in full bloom I rested. The taste of the coffee was secondary to the quietness of the moment.

I focused on a long line of thoughts and the questions that had filled my life so far. I had crash and burned again and even thou feeling disappointed and heartbroken, my thoughts where crystal clear! Had I broken any rules I didn’t know of or something similar? Maybe there is a team behind me and my path? Should I stop neglecting them as my inner voice, my ego and open the connection fully? I came to some conclusion about my own life, sitting meditative in the shadows of the trees, sipping to my coffee. I wasn’t blaming none other than myself, seeing the necessity to complete the cycles, going through my tower moments* in life and recognizing the valuable lessons in them. I saw the writing on the wall, and with that, what now is my beloved team of guides, announced their presence again!

It was at that time, a weird and a bit awkward situation materialized for me. I didn’t go anywhere but I sucked the energy to me, entering a state of mind foreign to me. It’s the only way I can describe it, even now. Like I was in their place or environment, and there was surprisingly many more of them, than I have ever sensed before. A lot of the energies, I felt bounded to me like family ties, other entities was totally extraneous, yet present for me.

To give you a scent of the situation, it felt a bit like entering a catholic church in the Mediterranean, into its darkness, just before the mass starts, you know. The darkness and gloominess, and the soft mumbling and whispering all around, like excitements for what to come is in in the air. The next “thing” occurred in silence, I can only describe it vaguely, in lack of earthly words. The ring, or gathering of energies around me, splinted and departed outwards. Leaving an empty, growing vacuum between them. Fast and fascinating as a drop of soap dropped into a water mirror. In that space, enters this expanding Energy, with capital e.

Its glowing like the sun, but dimmed and pulsing like the beats of the heart, I guess? But I’m no longer a spectator, I feel, I’m in the spotlight of the Energy and in retrospective, I’m not scared or nervous, just childishly curious and joyful! An intense urge to bow or show respect for this entity was overwhelming intense. But how do you do that floating around without a physical body?

You humble yourself, acknowledging your place in the universe, and the importance of your contribution to it. I felt the answered through my whole being like a sharp wave of energy. Furthermore, in the same instance or after an eternity, I really don’t know, I felt satisfaction over receiving a new meaning

“You are ready”

No burning bushes or fanfares, no legions of angels nor drama of any sorts. Just a light pat on the shoulder understating the facts; hey, you made it, we are pleased! And in that insane everlasting brief moment, a vision came along, meant for me.

I know now what my humble contribution will be, and what consequences it will bring for generations to come, nothing less.

I also know that I or we, as a species, are on a time limit. So, I must act. Fast, preferably to gather a team of like minded souls to manifest this or make it on my own. We need to see this through, for the sake of, on behave of and as the legacy for coming generations and the balance in the fifth dimension!

A possible future is to change the foundation for the many out there. Establishing some solid ground for them to fulfill a different amendment to build their lives upon.

Harmonizing the outside with the within, so also balancing the mind and the heart.

And that’s it!

Simplicity is gold, or so it seems. The meaning, here in my own three words, filled my whole existence with the pure truth of my existence and my path!

And now, yours too, if you choose it! Y o u a r e r e a d y!

The moment is over.

I remember now, sitting among the pine trees, that my cope of coffee still is warm and, in my hand, proving that time is fluid.

The breeze in the treetops, accompanied of the birdsong in the pines and the busy squirrels, going on with their routines, as if nothing has happened. A lot of other small situations occur every day since that moment, including me reaching out to other people.

I think that above us, the shining Sun is on a crescent Moon regardless; we can’t always see the them; but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there!

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