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The Magic of Surrendering [PART 1]

And now, when I thought I’ve seen it all, this!

My element, here, in the mist of my magical world of words! Me, the blogger?!

I cannot begin to declare my happiness and joy, over this opportunity to share my universe with you!

I’ll do me best to give you a pleasant read!

Excited to the core of my soul, the only luxury problem I encounter is of what language I will express myself in. Norwegian would be the natural one, but limiting the readers, and in Spanish I tend to get to emotional in; even for the romantic hispanohablantes, you know! So, English might be the only solution to reach out there, in the entangled web of communication. Or, maybe I do them all! Take in consideration that this is my 3rd language; bear with me. I hope you are sharing the thrill with me and enjoy this connection with me.

How I ended up here, at the further north of Europe? Well, that’s a long and twisted voyage from Buenos Aires, where I was born. To long for this entry, I afraid, but I’ll be sharing in time, bits and pieces. But there is another story to be told, for your benefit I hope, about life itself and the spiritual being we humans are.

The Voyage of the heart, is nothing less than a life-changing storytelling, mainly aimed for the generations to come. Isn’t it strange, how we are craving to know all the answers, including them of the fifth dimension, without being willing to form the questions? And faced with the answer, the personal consuming energy of doubt, disbelieve and refusal? Its like explaining for your toddler that clouds are a natural form for water, on first glance!

Believe in the magic if you can and manifest it; it will lighten up your entire life!

My biggest bump in the road on this matter, I encountered two months before the Corona pandemic started. I surrendered! Yeah, me, the Capricorn, surrendering! I couldn’t believe it, being in the photo in the dictionary under “logical” and haven written the book on “Grounded; a way of living”!

But, hey; what do you do? After leaving behind yet another partner in the ditch, for the best unselfish reasons mind you; I capitulated. I had enough, simply full of it! I surrendered to that higher will, spirit, that multi-labeled entity everybody talking about, but so few listens to, for to simply take the wheel.

“I know you are there, you laughing piece of ….!”

Literally, I was out in the fields shouting my soul out. I told you, I’ve had it!

“I don’t want to do this anymore!! I give up and from now I leave it up to you!”

Of course, I didn’t get any response, wasn’t expecting one either. My whining was more directed to that inner voice of mine, you know. That one that have been there as long as I can remember. No, not that up in my head, my ego, the other one. I talking to that or those ones, that I’d resisted listen to in moments of choice, when I thought it didn’t suit me.

Oh, I was well aware of them, my guides and guardians, always afraid to be taken for a lunee. but when you don’t learn your lesson the first time, the divine tends to throw it back at you! I see the similarity now, between my fiascoes and wrecked love stories; I know that was me in the captain’s seat, driving them over the edge. I had a lesson to learn, and, o boy, I was in for a treat!

The day or some days after, I finally got it, the first answer and confirmation. I found that I was asking the wrong question, not being “Why does this always happen to me?

And that is also the name of the next chapter in this voyage.

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