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Just a messenger!

This is not about me nor my story. This is for "The Message of Truth"

This is, however, simply our shared and divine truth, put to the paper by me, inspired and guided by The Pure Love. It is for the purity of this message and in order not to provoke any spiritual faith or others well-intentioned splitters of the masses, that I will in this refer to the bonding divinity as The Pure Love.

In contrary to The Pope, Acharya, Ayatollah and other leaders of religious groups and to various individuals in power, we, the messengers, are not bound to any agenda, nor restricted of religious, political or economic issues, limitations and considerations towards the radical changes needed to once and for all act like an unified species sharing this home of abundance.

If you acknowledge the existence of your soul, in one way or another regardless of names and labels, why do you think souls chooses to be in a physical form? This truth is no part of this message, it’s for you to reflect. I will say though, that an incident of this magnitude, will ripple even into our spiritual dominion.

I am far from the only one deciphering this message; others will one way or another verify and confirm its content and authenticity at the divine timing.

Subjects like me is being chosen to deliver this because of their capacities, voluntary surrender and personal self-sacrifice for future life and for The Pure Love.

I hereby deliver this to you, for your knowledge and for the further course of events.

Thank You and thank You for sharing this.

October 10th 2020

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